I just moved my site to your services and I can access domain.com but not www.domain.com. Print

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The www. prefix on domain names is already added to every newly added domain in the DNS system and web server configurations when an account is set up, so the settings exist and should work without any need to change anything on your end, nor our end.

If you are having trouble accessing the domain with the www. prefix, and can access it without (or vice versa), it would be due to the fact that you had the www.domain.com (or domain.com) address cache the old routing address from previous access attempts (prior to the domain propagation completing).

To remedy this problem, you should restart any domain services or domain resolution/resolver settings/service, if you know how on your system. For most users, it's easiest to simply reboot their system to clear the routing cache.

Some ISP's only clear their cache every 72 hours, so even though your friend across the street on another ISP can see your new site, you may not be able to if your ISP has not cleared their cache.

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