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HTTP 500 (Internal Server Error) is the error you get from a CGI script (often times a Perl script) when an error occurs during runtime. Our Technical Support can assist you in troubleshooting this problem if you include a complete URL to the CGI script generating the error.

Note: RockSoft makes no guarantees that we will be able to solve the problem for you. We can only confirm that our systems are operating within normal parameters, we are not responsible for debugging user scripts.


A 403 is a forbidden error. This is the error that occurs when the web server cannot access the file you request due to a UNIX permission issue.

Note: This is also the error you get if your account is suspended. If your entire website produces a 403 error, you should contact at ASAP to find out why your site may have been suspended (in most cases, we will inform you if and when we suspend your account).

The HTTP 404 error means that the requested file could not be found. This happens when you put in a URL and the file simply does not exist.

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