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Are you concerned about other web sites calling images on their web pages to image files that are actually located on your site, and how it affects your bandwidth?

Hotlink protection is a feature located in your control panel to block any site making an image call that doesn't come from your site itself, or from a list of sites you allow access to.

While using the Hotlink protection feature in the control panel, you can create a list of allowed domains, IPs or specific
URL addresses that are allowed to load images from your site.

Hotlink protection can be enabled or disabled and should automatically determine what domains/addresses are allowed to load images. By default, it will allow any domain hosted on your account. Also, please note that anytime you add a new sub domain or pointed domain to your account, these rules will affect it, so you must add it to the list of allowed hosts or images may not load off their web site.

Hotlink protection works by checking the 'Activate' field (this is intentionally spelled referer with one 'A')

While this isn't perfect technology, it can help to deter some people from calling your files on their site and use your bandwidth.

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