Startup Guide for Linux Hosting

Below are the information you need to take note in order to fully utilize our server without any issue. If you still have issue after reading this, kindly send ticket at

Domain Nameserver

If you registered your domain with us, we will handle the nameserver changes for you but if you are using existing domain from other company, please login to your domain control panel or contact the company responsible for your domain and request nameserver change for your domain to the value we set in your welcome email.

After your domain name has been propagated through all internet servers, you can access your site at: http://yourdomain.tld

Note: It might takes 0 -72 hours before the propagation time completed after nameserver has been changed. Clearing your PC cache and restarting your modem might help the propagation complete faster at your location.

FTP Access 

FTP can be use to upload your websites and 
manage your files instead of using File Manager inside CPanel. Any type of FTP programs are compatible with our servers. 

FTP Access Hostname:

ftp.yourdomain.tld or yourserverip ( your server ip can be seen in your welcome email) 

Port: 21 FTP 

FTP Username: your username 

FTP Password: your password 

You can log in by FTP using either the 
domain name or the IP address as the hostname in your software setting. 

Free FTP client can be downloaded from here:

CPanel Hosting Control Panel

To add, delete, or modify email accounts & customize some settings for your website/hosting account, please visit 
the URL and login: 

(server ip can be seen in your welcome email) 

Once your domain name resolves to Rocksoft
server, you can use the URL http://yourdomain.tld/cpanel/ 

View Cpanel Quickstart Guide:

Video Tutorial also available inside cpanel for your viewing.

Webmail & Email Client Setting

Webmail: http://yourserverip:2095/ 
(server ip can be seen in you welcome email)

OR http://yourdomain.tld/webmail/ 

Mail Servers: 

POP3/IMAP : mail.yourdomain.tld 
SMTP Server: 
SMTP Username: your username
SMTP Password: your password 

Note: you may also use your email address 
and email account password as smtp login.

Port: 25 or 26

(if you are unable to connect to port 25, your ISP is blocking it so you must configure mail client to use port 26)

We also support TLS, SSL, Secure POP3(sPOP3) & Secure IMAP(IMAPs) connection for your email client. Any 
type of email client software's such as Mozilla Thunderbird can be use with our servers. 

Makesure your email client has been set 
"my server require authentication" at the outgoing mail setting as we protect our mailserver from unauthorized relay.


Fantastico is a tool to help you to 
install a lot of open source scripts within few clicks. You may use this feature by visiting your CPanel and clicking the Fantastico menu. There are more than 100 scripts available in Fantastico for your use.


RVsitebuilder is a tool to help you to build your professional website within few clicks. You may use this feature by visiting your CPanel and clicking the RVsitebuilder menu.

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