I am behind a firewall and cannot access my control panel, is there any way around this? For Cpanel on Linux, Yes, you can install cPanelProxy on your domain for access to cPanel and... I keep seeing '302 Temorary Redirects' in my statistics, what is this? The way cPanel sets up add-on and parked domains this because they both utilize their own... What PHP Functions are disabled on your servers? All of our server have dl,passthru,proc_open,proc_close,shell_exec, and system functions... What is the difference in a permanent vs. temporary redirection setup? The only difference is that your client (IE, Firefox, Mozilla etc) will get a different response... A brief look into the Webmail We provide you with the ability to not just have an email address, but we also provide three... Any Username And Password Error The main cause for this is trying to access the e-mail account with the wrong user / password.... Are backups scheduled? Yes. Backups are continuously scheduled for daily, weekly, and monthly. You may request these... Authentication example There is a common misconception that you are required to use .htaccess files in order to... CGI example You may wish to use a .htaccess file to permit the execution of CGI programs in a particular... Can I FTP to My Account if I Have Front Page? Although we provide FTP access to FrontPage accounts, it is not to be used to upload your pages... Can I backup more than one PC? Yes. We do not charge for the number of PCs you back up. You only pay for the storage they use.... Can I get unlimited data transfer? Yes. We do offer packages with unlimited data transfer on some high end package. Can I have both an E-mail Forward and an Auto-Responder? No. Can I run PHP scripts in CGI mode? Yes, in addition to the default mod_php processing unit we also have the php executable installed... Can anyone else access my data? Only if you give someone your password. Passwords are encrypted so you are the only one with... Checking Disk Space and Bandwidth To check disk space and bandwidth usage, login to cpanel and click the bandwidth button or disk... Cpanel Video Tutorial Can not figure out how to do something in Cpanel? -First login with the username and... Create MySQL Database Index to increase website performace Create Index Statement Note: This method is useful for busy database-driven site or website... Creating a MySQL Database CASE: If you are uploading/installing your dynamic script manually other than using the... Directories Cannot be Viewed In Browser If you are attempting to have a directory list viewable in a browser and it will not view... Do you support IMAP? IMAP stands for Internet Message Access Protocol. IMAP is a method of accessing electronic... Does your company have any limit about CGI script use? We do not have limits of use on cgi scripts outside the use of malicious or harmful / damaging... How To Enable Directory Index List By default to any Linux hosting we will disable Directory Index Listing due to security reason... How To Increase Upload Limit ? What is .htaccess?The .htaccess file can be placed in one or more of your /home/user/public_html... How To Turn On PHP Globals ? What is .htaccess?The .htaccess file can be placed in one or more of your /home/user/public_html... How do I access Webmail? The location of webmail is at Replace with... How to FTP using secure SFTP using FileZilla   What is SFTP ?SFTP, or secure FTP, is a program that uses SSH to transfer files. Unlike... How to Get Listed in Google, Yahoo and MSN   Getting listed in Google and the other popular search engines is one of the most... My log files did not rotate this month! The most common reason for logs not being correctly rotated is that there is not sufficient... My site does not appear in the browser This probably one of the most frequent support questions. Please make sure:1. If your domain is a... My site is down! Help! Before submitting a trouble ticket, if you can't reach your website, please:1) Check... Server Login Quick Guide Linux Shared Hosting:Control Panel... Server PATH Server Path: sendmail: /usr/bin/sendmail imagemagick: /usr/bin/convert jpegtran:... Thumbnails Picture not appearing in Gallery 2 script If this occured in your case, please go to admin page and then click plugins link. In the... Using PHP5 instead of PHP4 All of our servers support both php4 & php5. PHP4 runs automatically as default in your... What file extension must php files have? PHP files must have the .php extension in order to be recognized as PHP files by the server.... What version of PHP do your servers use?   We use PHP 5 We upgrade to the latest version of PHP regularly to ensure hassle-free... cPanel Location The location of cPanel is at or... my Front Page enabled Site? Although we provide FTP access to FrontPage accounts, it is not to be used to upload your pages...
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