Do you perform backup for Windows / Linux shared hosting ? Yes. There is a mirror backup on the active hard drive and there is a third backup : daily... How can I track hits and other performance ? You may have your web statistics page at your control panel - site reports which is generated... How can i backup my website and Ms SQL database ? You may download all your website via ftp to your local PC. To access the MS SQL server, we... How can i test the speed before i make purchase ? Please visit our website to test the speed at our download test page.... How do I switch my website from Windows hosting to Linux hosting? If you want to switch, do tell us when as once we switch your website will be empty. You... How do I upgrade my hosting plan ? Please email to our billing department ( Your hosting plan can be... I cannot upload to my website and how can I clean my logs ? Your disk space had over the limit. You need to upgrade your storage. However you can... I need my Logs You may log into your ftp server and download the log files at LOG folder.   We found that most of the disk space had been used for the logfile. Please be informed that these log files is used for the site reports. However, you can... What is Share Point Hosting? A SharePoint site is a Web site that provides a central storage and collaboration space... What is Web Hosting? A service that allows you to upload and store a site's HTML documents and related files on a Web... Where is perl located in Linux ? /usr/bin/perl , Add #!/usr/bin/perl -w: in your perl scripts header.     Why is my site suspended ? Your site may be suspended due to our SLA violation. Another possible reason is that your...
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