Formmail Sample Scripts for Windows #print "Content-Type: text/html\n\n"; #!/usr/bin/perl -wT # # $Id:,v 2.22... How can i run perl or cgi scripts in Windows server ?   You can upload the scripts to /cgi-bin folder. Here is the path for the perl.exe... Sendmail Please use /usr/sbin/sendmail -t Error 500 You should first make sure they are chmod'd to no more than 755. If they are chmod'd more than... Error troubleshooting Go into your web control panel administrator at Click on Log... File and folder permissions You can usually do this through your ftp client by right clicking the file or folders and then... How do I upload cgi files? Upload CGI files via FTP. However ensure the transfer mode is ASCII to avoid problems.  ... My script returns internal server error? This usually occurs when permissions are loosely set. Try giving 755 and/or 777 permission to... Perl location #!/usr/bin/perl -w This should be the first line of your script. Placement of perl files You should publish all cgi, perl files into your cgi-bin directory. Your scripts will not work... What do I have to chmod CGI files to? Since CGI runs under your username, CGI files must be chmod to 700.      What is Perl's ext. ? .pl   What is Perl? Perl stands for 'Practical Extraction and Reporting Language'. Perl is a versatile programming... What permissions should I run my Cgi scripts under? All CGI scripts should be placed in the CGI-BIN and set to chmod 755. What permissions will I need to set my CGI scripts to for them to function properly? ALL cgi scripts MUST be chmod 755. This does not apply to PHP scripts. Just the scripts you... What userid will my PHP and CGI scripts run under? CGI scripts run under your userid and group. (username.username) PHP scripts,... Where must .cgi files be placed? CGI files can be created in any directory. The cgi-bin folder is just like any other folder and...
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