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ICMP Ping checks a remote host for availability. Local hosts should normally respond to ping requests within milliseconds. However, on a very congested network it may take up to 3 seconds or longer to receive an echo packet from the remote host. If the timeout is set too low under these conditions, it will appear that the remote host is not reachable (which is almost the truth).
Rocksoft Network Monitor checks servers for availability by sending ICMP Echo commands and wait for the responds. An ICMP timeout failure doesn't necessarily mean that the remote host is actually functioning beyond its ability to echo packets.
An ICMP/Ping check has the following parameters:
- Hostname or IP address - The DNS name or IP address of the computer you want to ping (can even be a WINS name, but only if the name can be resolved by some WINS server in the network);
- Timeout for each reply - Maximum number of milliseconds it may take before a response is received;
- Number of echo requests - Number of echo requests to send;
- Time to Live - Maximum Time to Live (TTL) value;
- Buffer size - Send buffer size.    



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