I need a different version of PHP/MySQL Solution We have Shared servers running various versions of PHP and MySQL, so it's very likely... Why do I get a max_user_connections error?   Solution The max number of simultaneous connections to your MySQL database is 30. If you... Bandwith Bandwidth is defined as a range within a band of frequencies or wavelengths. In computer... Can I install other applications in my web space? Solution It would have to depend on each specific product and its functions and needs. If you... Can RockSoft host international domains? Absolutely! We can and will, happily host domains from all over the world for you. As long as... Difference between Bandwidth and Data Transfer Difference between Bandwidth and Data Transfer   It is quite often to see Bandwidth and... Do You Support ASP.Net MVC Yes, we support ASP.Net MVC as we installed .Net Framework 3.5 SP1 on all of our Windows shared... Do you support .Net Framework 3.5 For all of the Windows Hosting Package, we did installed .Net Framework 1.1, 2.0, 3.0 and 3.5.... How can I protect the images on my website? Solution Right clicks can be stopped with the below script in the HEAD section of your... How can I track hits and other performance ? You may have your web statistics page at your control panel - site reports which is generated due... How do I display my webpage on the World Wide Web? Solution Your need to upload your HTML and associated files onto your account at Webserver. The... How do I upgrade my hosting plan ? Please email to our department. Your hosting plan can be upgraded... How does Search Engine Placement work? Solution You may check with search engine site regarding their policy as this is always not a... How to FTP via Internet browser? Solution 1. Open up Internet Explorer.2. Type in in the address... How to allow user to upload files to certain folder only? Solution An additional FTP account can be created to allow user to upload files to the SPECIFIC... How to apply email address to a FrontPage form? Solution 1. Open FrontPage 2000 and web folder which contains the form you would like to... Lost or Forgotten Password If you lose or forget the password for your account, we can re-issue you a new welcome email... MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) The standard for attaching non-text files to standard Internet mail messages. Non-text files... MUST READ: Security Advice For your hosting account security and safety reason, we strongly advice all of our clients to... My clients in China are unable to view my website. Nothing wrong with my current connection. Solution In a shared hosting environment, we host several hundred websites on one server and... My website attempts to infect visitors with a virus. Solution Following is just an example of a javascript code embedded in the pages:<!-- ~... Procedures To Change of Hosting Platform (Windows to Linux or vice versa) You could request to change of hosting platform (Linux to Windows or vice versa), we will assist... Procedures To Switch the Primary Domain Name of Hosting Account If you'd like to switch your primary hosting domain name from one to another, you may need to... Static IP (Dedicated IP) vs Shared IP There are basically two types of IP addresses: static and shared. Before the difference between... The difference between access and visit in statistic report Solution Visits mean the counts of the access by the visitors to your website, whereby the... What Happen If I Exceeded the Bandwidth Quota Windows Hosting Even when your hosting account exceeded assigned bandwidth quota, your web... What's the difference between the public_html and www folders, and which do I upload my web files into? There really is no difference; Your web root (where you upload your web site (web accessible)... Why are FTP connections unstable? Solution Possible causes:1) A local Firewall or Anti-Virus software is breaking the... Why is my site suspended ? Your site may be suspended due to our SLA violation. Another possible reason is that your site... Why my website is taking a long time to load or is slow? Solution 1) Run a ping to make sure you can connect to the server your site is on and that... Why there will be error like "must use updateable query"? Solution If you encounter the error such as "must use updateable query", it can be rectify by... Will I have 24 hours, 7 days access to update my Website? Solution Yes. Webserver provides you with unlimited access to update and make changes to your... Will Rocksoft Reboot My hosting server(Shared account server)   Will Rocksoft Reboot my hosting server? Yes, Rocksoft might rebooted the shared hosting...
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