Using Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio to Connect Microsoft SQL Database

1. Download the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express from Microsoft website that you may get by clicking here.

2. You will also need to install the MS XML 6 on your local terminal before proceeding the installation of Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express. You can download the MS XML 6 from here.

3. Follow the installation instruction as shown in the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express.

** Please be reminded to have take note on the requirements listed on the download page.

4. Once the application has been installed on your local terminal, click Start > All Programs > Microsoft SQL server 2005 > SQL Server Management Studio

5. You will get a login screen as follow:

SQL  2005 Login Prompt

Please fill in the details as follow:

Server name: Our Server IP Address is stated in your Hosting Welcome Email ( refer notes below )

Authentication: SQL Server Authentication
Login: YourMSSQLDatabaseUsername
Password: YourMSSQLDatabasePassword

6. Once you have enter the above information, click the 'Connect' button and you will be connected remotely to your MS SQL database hosted in our SQL 2005 server.


- Please make sure your local firewall is not blocking Port 1533.

Kindly create database first and assign user to it using Plesk Control Panel before you can connect to it via SQL Managament Studio

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