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Updating Your Info in Rocksoft System


You may check your your hosting account and domain status as well as billing records at Rocksoft Billing System. It is very important to ensure your details are up to date in our Billing System especially your email address. We will contact you via your primary contact email address as listed in Rocksoft Billing system for all matters corresponding to your services provided by Rocksoft such as Invoices, Payment Reminders, Maintenance Notices, Announcements, and when you wish to retrieve your hosting account or domain name's login details.


To update your details, please follow steps below:


1. Log into Rocksoft Billing System

Rocksoft Billing System using following URL:


2. You have to enter your email address which is as listed in Rocksoft Billing System and your password. If you lost your password, please refer  "Request a Password Reset"


3. To update your contact details, click on "My Details". Fill in your new info and click "Save Changes" button.

4. To change your password, click on "Change Password". Enter your current password and new password. It is recommended to use strong password. Strong password is password with combination of capital letter, small letter, numbers and special characters.



Your email address will be used as your login ID to access Rocksoft Billing System and must be unique. In another word, if you have 2 or more billing account with Rocksoft, you have to use different email address as login id for different billing account. Alternatively, you may Contact Rocksoft Customer Service.


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